Down the Mountain

Phone still buzzes the

Only animal left
Alive in this world and
Buzzes and buzzes and buzzes

I tear between
Breaking it in half and cradling it to sleep
The call is about books and
making them
About work and paychecks and
sick time
It is about
Apologies for ignoring the buzz
It is about
Getting food getting drink
To wash down
All the indigestibles from the week
It is about
Who you know and
Who you don’t know and
Printing the ten digits on
Your forehead
Like a tattoo, like an ISBN number
Like a
Used rag-doll ready
To flop at
Any slight

It is about
Climbing mountains and
Watching my phone
Roll down rocks from
The highest peak

It is not
About my phone

It is about us
You and me
And the lines
We draw
Between us
These, the hardest to traverse
A tight rope to tie
In knots
And untie again

These, so much
Snipped at the ends
Right down the middle

So much easier destroyed
Than created
We would rather kill
Each other
Than communicate
Because communication
Has this kind of urgent insistence
That love does
And it hurts


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